DPSS Laser Gain Modules

Passively Cooling Gain Modules

SAPC is specially designed for passively cooling laser system. The YAG rod is installed in a hollow sapphire cuboid.

SLD-4 type gane module

Water Cooled DPSS Laser Gain Modules

Based on several-year efforts on DPSSL gain module and our VCSEL technology, Geola can provide DPSSL gain module with uniform gain distribution, high pumping efficiency and a long life time. We have two types of gain modules, namely water-cooled cylindrical gain module and all solid state gain modules. We also provide customized gain module on request.

Water Cooled FL pumped Gain Modules

We are offering these pump chamber models – for 12, 20 and 25 millimeters rods. All pump chambers contain glazed Al-Ceramic reflectors made for standard flashlamps and are used in our lasers.