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We are the real experts – we are writing holography textbooks

Poster-sized holograms

In 1999 we have invented the digital holographic printing system based on our RGB pulsed laser technology. Since then full?colour digital holograms (iLumograms) are produced. Also?we are supplying?the largest range of equipment for the?pulsed laser?holograms manufacturing and display


Embossed 3D holograms

Only we?can supply?you embossed holograms containing deep 3D image . We are originating unique?master-holograms on photoresist, producing shims and hologram runs

Equipment for hologram production

From 1995 we are manufacturing a wide range of digital and analogue equipment for hologram origination and replication, holographic image capturing?and hologram lighting



Here we are sharing our knowledge in poster-sized and deep 3D master-holograms manufacturing.