Motorized Precise Adjustable Mechanical Aperture

  • Motorized adjustment range from 0 to 10 mm
  • Aperture adjustment precision – 100 μm within full adjustment range
  • SM1–threaded hole for mounting external optics
  • PC connection interface – USB
  • Custom made, a bigger aperture size is available on request.

Will be available SOON!
Please contact us for any inquiry.

ASQR10 Mechanical Aperture
Nonlinear Crystal Ovens With Digital Thermo Control

Nonlinear Crystal Ovens

The Digital Thermo Control (DTC) nonlinear crystal ovens DTC-A, DTC-B, DTC-C have excellent heating stability of +/- 0.1oC in temperature range 30–71oC.

ZX Stage

Geola manufactures a custom made XYZ axis mechanical positioning and rotational stages that utilize linear direct-drive servomotors, as well as ball-screw servomotor or step motors.


SBS Phase Conjugating Cells

  • Random positioning and mounting to the laser breadboard by eccentric clamp;
  • Broad choice of SBS active liquids available depending from the input laser radiation parameters;
  • Frontal holder for the focusing lens;
  • Custom designs are welcomed.