Photomaterials & Chemistry

We are supplying photomaterials world-wide from 1998

Holography supplies

  • Photoresist plates
  • Red sensitive plates and film
  • Blue-Green sensitive plates and film
  • Colour plates and film
  • Developing solutions

Special Photoplates

  • for Photomasks and Radiography
  • for Spectrum Analysis


  • Black and White
  • Black and White Reversal
RGB Photopolymer

Color Photopolymer Bayfol? HX 200

Color Photopolymer Bayfol? HX 200 is a light-sensitive, self-developing photopolymer film which can be used to produce phase holograms in the form of volume reflection and volume transmission holograms. Photopolymer can be recorded with appropriate CW or pulsed laser light within the visible spectral wavelength range from 440 nm up to 680 nm.

Photoresist Plates (Positive Tone)

Designed for embossed holograms origination with CW or pulsed lasers