Collaboration with Artists

Geola has extensive experience in cooperation with Аrtists in various fields.

Both Poster-sized holograms and Deep 3D master-original holograms are great for artists to express their 3D ideas and visions.

Artist - Ioana Pioaru

Ioana Pioaru is an artist, researcher and illustrator?working with a variety of media ranging from traditional?drawing and?printmaking, to?3D printing and virtual reality holography.

‘Tilgate Forest’ – an art project from 2018-2019 – from ink drawing, to VR sculptural drawing (made in Tilt Brush), to hologram (printed by Geola). The original drawing is still my favourite, as I think it is the most accomplished aesthetically. But I also think there’s a lot of potential in visualising VR imagery through holography, particularly because it allows you to see 3D scenes without wearing a VR headset. Plus, it was my idea, and what’s the point of having ideas if you’re not going to brag about them? ??

‘Tilgate Forest’ - original drawing

‘Tilgate Forest’ – original ink drawing

‘Tilgate Forest’ - TiltBrush drawing

‘Tilgate Forest’ – Tilt Brush drawing

Drawing ‘Tilgate Forest’ in Tilt Brush application

A few more detailed pictures of the sculptural drawings I presented at the Centre for the Holographic Arts in New York, and some shots from the opening.
So here it is – my idea for showcasing virtual reality art through holography, in order to enable larger groups of people to experience these creations without the need of a VR headset. Hopefully more and more artists will use this technology in the future.

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