Deep 3D Master-holograms

Digital holographic printing inventors experience allowed us to apply deep digital holograms manufacturing process to embossed holography needs.?On our digital origination printer we can print transmission master originals directly on photoresist. We are using pulsed laser, so?really quick optical recombination has now finally become possible.

After metalization you can emboss holograms with deep 3d images and size of single hologram can be till 150x150mm. Our hologram can be “true-colour” or achromatic. Also we can combine both types of images in one master-original hologram.

Deep 3D master-originals for embossed holography

Geola’s surface relief master-original holograms digitally printed on photoresist plates?with our Originators have the following unique features which distinguish them from?other?embossed hologram widely used for document security and brand protection:

  • Image depth (up to 1.5 to 2 times the hologram width);
  • Colour matching throughout the whole image volume;
  • Colour matching in a wider vertical viewing angle;
  • Manufacturing speed – 60x80mm master-original hologram just in?6 hours;
  • Pricing is quite democratic – contact us for details.

Master-hologram in size 150x150mm on 200x150mm photoresist plate. For image we have used sequence of real flowers' photographs.?optical-recombination-6

Master-hologram in size 150 x 150 mm on 200 x 300 mm photoresist plate. For each image we have used 500-800 real?or virtual parallax-related images

For master-original hologram production we are accepting live videos filmed with Professional HoloCam equipment , HoloCam One, or videos filmed as per instructions described below.

“Ioana” Hologram
Digital Preview

“Ioana” Transmission Hologram
Real View

“City” Hologram
Digital Preview

“City” Transmission Hologram
Real View

Download rendering parameters calculator to render image frames suitable for our holographic printer
Download rendering instruction for deep 3D image-holograms
Filming a real object on a rotating stage for deep 3-D image hologram

Alternatively, we can create for you 3D scene and render it ourselves – contact us.


After creating your files, please contact us and we will give you access to our ftp to upload them. After reviewing your files we will create your master-original hologram preview, so you will be able on your computer screen see how your master-original hologram will look like.

Download i-Lumogram preview program for Windows (zip ~1.47MB)

If you will like the preview, you will make a prepayment and in one week we will produce and dispatch your master-original hologram. For payment we accept bank transfer, Visa or Master cards, Paypal.

Embossed Holograms Production

In 1999 we have invented digital holographic printing with pulsed lasers. Since then are producing poster-sized holograms with deep 3D images. Now we have applied?this technology to embossed holography needs.

From now you can have live animated deep 3D images on embossed holograms as well. Those images can be in full colors or monochrome, or combination of both. Moreover, the files you have prepared for poster-sized holograms we can use for your embossed?holograms runs.

Holograms can be provided on aluminized, hot-stamp or transparent foil rolls or in sheets.?The quantity of embossed holograms we can start to work with is from 500 peaces to several millions – contact us for more details.

Series of Originators and Embossers were especially developed to satisfy market needs for high level security embossed holograms for affordable price.


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