PFN 01T 102x254 Plates Geola

For Spectrum Analysis


102x254mm, 6 plates per box

Used in precious metals refineries for documenting metal impurities spectrum.
Used for technical surveys black-and-white photography.

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GEOLA-1S plates are successfully applied by several precious metals refineries for measuring density of precious metals. Also those plates can be used for other technical surveys photographic applications.

GEOLA-1S (PFN-01T) is an improved analogue of KODAK Spectrum Analysis Glass Plate No.1

Geola 1s Web

GEOLA-1S photographic plates also have better characteristics than the photographic plates of these well known companies: Ilford Special Rapid Plates, Ilford N30 Ordinary Plates, Ilford G30 Chromatic Plates (Great Britain), Aviphot Pan 100 Negative Plates (Agfa-Gevaert, Belgium), ORWO Negative Platten NP 27, ORWO Fototechnische latten FU2 (Germany), and when used for spectrum analyzing gives better results.

Special features

  • Coarse Granularity;
  • Isoorthochromatic Sensitivity: up to 580 nm;
  • Contrast: 1,7-2,1;
  • Typical resolving power: 100 lines per millimeter;
  • Antihalation backing;
  • Silver concentration: 6.5±0.2 g/sqm.

Handling and storage recommendations

  • Life time: 18 months
  • Storage room temperature: 20±4 degrees C
  • Humidity in a storage room: 65±15%
  • Process exposed plates as soon as possible. Photoplates should be unsealed and processed at indirect non-actinic lighting and with use of dark-red light filter with transmission zone of 600 nm and above


For processing you may use any developer that used to work with KODAK Spectrum Analysis Glass Plate No.1 (Such as Kodak D-19 developer)

Name of Operation Time of operation Temperature of Solution, degrees of Celsius
Exposure As needed
Development 4 – 6 minutes 20,0+-0,3
Stop Bath 1 – 2 minutes 20,0+-0,3
Fixing 15 – 20 minutes 20,0+-0,3
Washing 30 – 35 minutes in rinsing water 18+-2
Drying 40 – 60 minutes 20,0+-5


Technical specifications
Contrast 1,7 – 2,1
Optical density More than 3,00
Fog Density Less than 0,12
Spectral sensitization edge 580 nm
Optical sensitization maximum 560 nm
Resolving Power 70-100 lines per millimeter
Strength of Swelled Emulsion Layer after chemical processing,? grams 200-500 grams
Temperature of emulsion layer deformation >45 degrees of Celsius
Emulsion layer adhesion after processing A-D

Sizes Available

  • Standard size of the plates – 51x254mm, 102x254mm;
  • Glass thickness ~2mm +-0,2mm;
  • Standard shipping package – 6 plates in a box;
  • Other sizes and quantities available on request.

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