Hologram replication machine

EXLIBRO-200R –?the industrial master–drum based machine to?replicate?colour and/or monochrome holograms onto photopolymers and Silver Halide films.

The device working principles are based on contact copying technology invented by Geola’s experts.

Replicator EXLIBRO-200R

Hologram replication machine is designed to copy holographic image from reflection holograms to photosensitive material coated on film substrate. Holographic image copying principles employed in the device were invented by Geola’s experts and are described in full in our patent WO2009035310.

Hologram replication machine EXLIBRO-200R consists from two main modules:

  • Optical module is based on mechanical breadboard consisting of monochrome or RGB pulse lasers, and necessary optical tools which shapes laser beam used for holographic image transfer from master hologram to the photopolymer.
  • Film guiding assembly consisting of necessary film guiding rolls, automatic web guiding devices, sensors, pre-exposure and post-exposure adjustable lighting systems.

Replicator’ main? system parameters are controlled via PC through supplied software. The software also controls pulsed RGB laser which can be supplied together with the Replicator. The existing customer’s lasers also can be driven by Replicator’s software. Set of autonomous sensors performs monitoring of condition of photosensitive film tension and copying speed.



  • In-line pre-exposure illumination
  • In-line post-exposure illumination
  • In-line coating of liquid photopolymers.
Width of film track spindles 300 mm
Working width of copying slit, not less than 200 mm
Copying cylinder diameter 97,2 mm
Default slit lighting direction 45 degrees
Default slit lighting direction adjustment (from – to) 35 – 55 degrees
Slit exposure speed (film track speed) 1…400 cm/min
Laser radiation wavefront profile at the slit in the horizontal direction Flat or defined by the customer
Photomaterials to replicate image from master hologram Photopolymers or Silver Halide film rolls

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