Holographic Printer for Poster-Sized Holograms

We have invented digital holographic printing with pulse lasers in 1999. From then we are?manufacturing printers capable to print digital holograms in color and motion. Those holograms, which we are calling iLumograms are viewable in any point source light and can be multiplied by the copying process invented by us?in 2007 and realized in our Holograms Replicator.

Installation of Geola Holographic printerHolographic printer

Working principle:?

Holographic printer uses series of digital images of the three-dimensional scene and converts them into 3D hologram. Since information for digital 3D hologram is obtained from digital pictures pixels, so the hologram itself always has pixelated structure. Those holographic pixels are called holopixels (or hogels), currently the size of those is 0.8 x 0.8 mm or 1.6×1.6mm, each holopixel contains information from 600-1200 usual pixels with corresponding coordinates that are taken from different views of 3D?scene imprinted. Depending on the holographic printer’s model, each holopixel is exposed ether three times with red, green and blue laser radiation, or simultaneously with all three colours lasers.

You can read more about our holographic printer in the books written by our experts:

Printer comprises of pulsed red, green and blue radiation laser and all necessary hardware and software to convert series of 600-1200 pictures of 3D scene into four-dimensional image (three spatial coordinates plus time) and imprint it onto photosensitive material.

Printer type: dual-mode pixel-matrix holographic printer capable of producing from digital data:

  • Reflection composite holograms and reflective composite HOE’s for direct viewing – H1 master;
  • Composite reflection holograms for transferring to H2 holographic displays.

Data acceptable for printing:

  • HoloCam movies
  • Any CAD program (Cinema 4D, 3D Studio Max, etc.)
  • Combination of the above

Holographic exposure speed:

  • Holograms in size from 13x18cm to 40x60cm – one square meter per 25 hours;
  • Holograms in size from 40x60cm to 100x150cm – one square meter per 6.5 hours.

Digital holographic printer –holographic image printing equipment hardware and software set. Performs dot-by-dot exposure of the special photofilm from the data obtained either from the HoloCam devices, or from CAD programs like Cinema 4D or 3D Studio Max. Maximum one print size – 1500 x 1000 mm, maximum printing speed – 1 square meter per 6.5 hours.

Printer complete:

  • Geola pulsed colour laser for printing applications (RGB-ALPHA –1064) – 1
  • Geola dot-by-dot photofilm exposure optical components set mounted on optical table – 1
  • Geola films carriage unit with film tension control – 1
  • Geola mechanical and optical parts movements controller – 1
  • Server-type computer with graphical controller interface –1
  • Laser’s cooling?unit –1
  • Printing materials starting set – 1
  • Geola Digital holographic printer user software package and license – 1
  • Standard Geola Digital warranty package
  • Equipment installation –1
  • Operating license –1

Featured equipment (can be supplied by us, or by any third party):

  • Chemical processor for exposed photomaterial development
  • Cold laminator to laminate processed photofilm onto rigid substrate

Digital Hologram Printer price – contact us

Printer Technical Specifications

Print resolutions and Speeds < 2:40 hrs/ m2 @ 1.5 mm
< 5:40 hrs/m2 @1.0 mm
< 20:50 hrs/m2 @ 0.5 mm
Maximum print size 1m x 1.5m @ 1.5mm
Maximum print vertical size (hologram height) 1m
Media source (film roll) capacity 15m
Media take-out?box capacity (maximum job size) 5m
Electrical requirements (printer) 220-240 VAC
16 Amps
50 Hz
Electrical requirements (laser) 220-240 VAC
5 Amps
50-60 Hz



Digital Holographic Printer drawing no. 1

Printer’s ?Site Requirements

Environment Still-working?values Trouble-free?values
Temperature 19-24°C 21°C
Temperature Variation ±0.5°C ±0.5°C
Relative Humidity 50% – 55% One constant from the range 50…55%
Humidity Variation >5% requires recalibration of color ±1%
Lighting Dark room during printing. Green safety light during film installation. 0.1 Lux at film (green light) Do not exceed 30 min. exposure of film to green safety light. Avoid holding film near or in direct illumination of safety light.
Dust Level Clean room environment is not?mandatory, but excessive dust particles must not accumulate on optics. ? Install air filters on incoming air?conduits.
? Ceiling tiles and other materials used?in room must not generate dust.
? Use protective dust-free clothes



Digital Holographic Printer drawing no. 2

Chemical Processing Site’s Requirements

Environment Still-working?values Trouble-free?values
Temperature 19-24°C 21°C
Relative Humidity 50% – 55% Same as in printer’s?site
Cold Water Inlet 19 – 25°C 21°C

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