PFG 03M 63x63 Plates Geola

PFG-03M Plates


Ultra-fine grain Red-sensitive?photoplates
63x63mm, 30 plates per box

Designed for holograms?recording with?CW laser
Guaranteed lifetime : 6?months
Observed lifetime : 9?months

Other sizes on request.

Note: Prices on this website are without VAT – i.e. if you are living outside EU or have valid VAT payee ID, you will pay the price indicated here. Otherwise, as well as for Lithuanian companies, ?21% VAT will be added.

This material is designed for reflection hologram recording using CW radiation in the red spectral range. The emulsion has sensitivity curve maximum at 640nm. Maximum diffraction efficiency ~45%. Grain size of this material is 20-30nm. Peak emulsion sensitivity is at?1.5-2mJ/cm2. Exposure can be calculated using our Online Exposure Calculator. Recommended processing is given in table below.

Material performances are guaranteed only for the use with the recommended?chemistry. You can obtain the necessary chemicals from your chemical suppliers or you can buy set of chemicals from Geola.

Processing and Handling Recommendations
Unseal and process in indirect dark green non-actinic light.
Temperature of processing solutions – 20°C.
Storage condition: Humidity 45% and 4 deg. Celsius.

Table below shows recommended processing scheme.

Development/Hardening SM-6 + Formaldehyde 37% (10 ml to 1 liter of developer), 2 min?or until density 1.5
Wash Water, 2 min
Bleach PBU-Amidol? until clear (~2-3 min) plus 2 min
Wash Water 5 min.
Drying ?in Alcoholol bath
50% Isoprophyl alcohol 4 min
Drying Slow Air

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