Photoresist Plates (Positive Tone)


200x300mm, 200x250mm, 250x300mm, 300x300mm 10?plates per box.
450x450mm, 500x500mm, 600x450mm, 650x450mm, 900x800mm actual price is available ONLY on request.

Designed for embossed holograms origination with CW or pulsed lasers

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If you’ll buy 5 and more boxes of 250x300mm or 300x300mm plates the price will be 600.00€ and 730.00€ per box accordingly.

This discount will be applied in the final proforma-invoice.

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PHOTO-R plates?are glass plates coated with positive tone photoresist. We are not using spin coating, so those plates have uniform photoresist layer thickness over whole plate surface.

Our photoresist is very similar to Shipley photoresist S1800 series and produces even better resultant structures – see examples here.

PHOTO-R? photoresist is a positive polymeric substance – i.e. it becomes soluble in a certain alkaline solution after exposure to short wavelength light.

Positive photoresist behavior Mercury Emission Spectrum


After exposure material should be processed for 30seconds in AZ303 developer diluted in deionized water at 1:9.

Exposure can be calculated using our Online Exposure Calculator.


Material sensitivity: 30mJ/cm2

Resolution ratio: 1500l/mm

Coating thickness: ?2μm

Plate thickness: 2-3mm

Humidity: <0.5%

Validity: ≥1 year

Storage temperature: 25°C±1°C.

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