Water Cooled FL pumped Laser Gain Modules

We are offering these pump chamber models – for 12, 20 and 25 millimeters rods. All pump chambers contain glazed Al-Ceramic reflectors made for standard flashlamps and are used in our lasers.

GAP series pump chamber gain modules were specifically designed for Nd:Glass rods are presented in table below. Customized versions can be designed and can vary in rod sizes and quantity of flash lamps.


Parameter GAP12 GAP20 GAP25
Rod size (diameter x length), mm 12 x 300 20 x 300 25 x 300
Type of flashlamp (bore x gap length), mm 13 x 250 16 x 250
Quantity of flashlamps 1 1 2
Voltage required for HV trigger pulse, kV ?16 ?18 ?20
Recommended pumping energy (all lamps), J 2000 2500 5000
Beam height, mm 25 50
Footprint size (including cable connections), mm 65 x 89 x 462 65 x 89 x 530 115 x 113 x 530
Chamber center height (including mounting pad), mm 25 25 ?50

1Specifications are subject to changes without advance notice.


High efficiency glazed Al-Ceramics reflector:
– Nd:Glass rod size: from ?12mm up to ?25mm or more;
– The ends of Nd:Glass rod are tilted by 3° to avoid superluminescence;
– Reliable Xe – filled linear flashlamps;
– Precise 3-points reattaching of pump chamber to the optical breadboard on positioning platform by rigid springs;
– Gold-coated HV connectors for the flashlamp electrodes;
– Random positioning and mounting the Positioning Platform to laser breadboard;
– Access to clean the ends of Nd:Glass rod or change flash lamp by 3-points reattaching of pump chamber to positioning platform eliminates any re-alignment;
– Field proven 360° random positioning of water connecting pipe.

Customers inspired feature

– Gain module GAP25 used in twin configuration (1 module + 1 module), highly improves amplified beam transversal field uniformity.

12mm pump chamber for Nd:Glass Amplifier – GAP12

GAP12 Scheme

20mm pump chamber for Nd:Glass Amplifier – GAP20

GAP20 Scheme

25mm pump chamber for Nd:Glass Amplifier – GAP25

GAP25 Scheme